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Granting 3rd Year Scholarship to University of Indonesia

Monday, 28 October 2013

Ten excellent students from University of Indonesia received a scholarship from Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni, a scholarship foundation of Marubeni Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan. The third time of scholarship granting for University of Indonesia was conducted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 located in the Rectorate Building of University of Indonesia. The 10 students come from four faculties i.e. Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Public Health. 

The Rector of University of Indonesia, Mr. Muhammad Anis, said that the scholarship is a kind of appreciation for the excellent students but facing financial difficulty. He expects the scholarship recipients to focus on their study and no longer thinking about the tuition fee. This year, the company allocates IDR 160 million for 10 students of University of Indonesia. "This is a continued partnership, which has been built since 2011", said Anis. 

He explained that the scholarship submission process is not complicated. Each student who wants to obtain the scholarship shall submit the application form to each faculty. By all means, the student shall have a good academic achievement and submit the letter of notification as underprivileged family and have a minimum GPA of 2.25.

The President Director of PT Marubeni Indonesia, Mr. Naoto Itakura, said that the scholarship is given to support the youth education in the development of the nation. He said that Marubeni has developed scholarship foundation in ASEAN region, including Indonesia, established since 1999.

"This activity is one of the implementation of Marubeni's Corporate Social Responsibility programs, which shows company's commitment in supporting the students who face financial difficulty but have a good academic achievement, as well as to strengthen education partnership contribution in Indonesia", said Itakura.

The secretary of Marubeni Corporation, Harly Setiabudi, said that the company will be continuously committed to disburse scholarship to the Indonesian students. "This is an endowment fund we give to the Indonesian students", said Harly. This year, the company provides the total amount of IDR 300 million for the scholarship. "Besides UI, we also allocate scholarship amounted IDR 140 million to Sriwijaya University, South Sumatera", said Harly. 

Harly claimed that even the company gives scholarship to UI, there is no cooperation ties in the provision of company's human resources with UI. It means, the company does not require all of the scholarship recipients to later work with Marubeni. "There is no working contract, as they have their own option where they want to work at", said Harly. 

One of the schoalrship recipients from Faculty of Engineering, Fakhrul Agustriwan, said that he will use the scholarship for his tuition fee until his final year. He said that he is very lucky to be able to obtain the Marubeni scholarship. "I am very happy", he said.

He said that it has been long time since he dreamed of a scholarship. Since January 2012, he has been hunting for scholarship. "On March, I was finally informed by the Rectorate saying that I obtain the Marubeni scholarship", said the owner of 3.81 GPA. 

Fakhrul said that he received scholarship worth IDR 16 million, in which divided into four times in a year. In each three month, the scholarship recipients shall give a report to Marubeni and send an essay in English about Japan.