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Independence Day Event Held Online by Marubeni Indonesia Corporation Employee’s Union

Wednesday, 01 September 2021

Pic from Left Above to Right Below: Title of the event, President Speech, Committee Picture, Quiz Material, Participants Picture


On August 17th, the employee’s union of Marubeni Indonesia Corporation held an online event to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Every year the employee’s union organizes a trip for employees or holds a party, but this year, due the COVID-19 stay home protocols, an online event was held.

Mr. Asep from the Accounting Dept., and Ms. Sesti from ICT & Real Estate Business Dept. acted as MCs for the event, which began with a recital of Indonesia Raya―the Indonesian national anthem. Then, after a moment of silence to honor those who have fallen victim to the COVID-19 virus, the participants broke into teams to compete in a PPKM(Pagi Pagi Kita Menang)* quiz game. Also, Mr. Shinji Kasai, Chief Representative in Indonesia, gave a speech on the topic, “Striving for Togetherness through Communication”.
* PPKM is the common name for the government's COVID-19 countermeasure policies. It is popular to satirize PPKM in this region, so the quiz game was named after an Indonesian game that translates to, "Let's be a winner in the morning".

The final result of the quiz game was that the Accounting Dept. won for the second year in a row (last year they won the contest at the decoration party event).

First Place: Accounting Dept.
Second Place: Chemicals Dept-Ⅱ
Third Place: Chemicals Dept-Ⅰ

Although the event was not a very long one, it was a fun time complete with local Indonesian entertainment that brought all of the employees who participated closer together.

(Fourth Picture: One of the questions from the quiz game. The Chinese names, "Ngkoh" + "Yen" become "Ngkohyen". So, Mr. Kohyen of HR & ADMI Dept. is the correct answer.)