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Marubeni Indonesia Gives Scholarship to the Students of University of Indonesia

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Marubeni Scholarship Foundation, a scholarship program provided by a Japanese company, Marubeni, gives scholarship for 10 students of University of Indonesia. The scholarship is an application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of Marubeni Corporation to strengthen its social contribution in Asian countries, especially Indonesia.

Marubeni Corporation Japan has distributed scholarship to the university students since 1999, as a corporate’s commitment to support the poor students who actually have a high potential to finish their study and strengthen its social contribution to Indonesia. Marubeni Scholarship Foundation has started to give the scholarship to the students of University of Indonesia since September 2011.

“Marubeni Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to the students of University of Indonesia. This Foundation is not only covering the tuition fee, but covering the living cost of the students as well”, said the Head of Communication of University of Indonesia, Siane Idriani, on Wednesday (11/7).

The Foundation wants to increase and gives opportunity to the students who face the financial difficulties to reach their academic purposes. Otherwise, the Foundation wants to support and keep the spirit of the students to study and learn in order to make them finish their study on schedule. “The academic achievement of the students also being encouraged in order to increase the quality improvement of the university”, said Siane. The submission of the scholarship was officially submitted by the Chairman of Advisory Board of Marubeni Scholarship Foundation as well as the President Director of PT. Marubeni Indonesia, Naoto Itakura, accompanied by the Vice President of PT. Marubeni Indonesia, Masaru Kaneda, on Wednesday (11/7) in Administration Center Building of University of Indonesia.

Naoto Itakura said that Marubeni Corporation through Marubeni Scholarship Foundation, committed to increase the quality improvement of the university, strengthen its social contribution, and increase the opportunity to the bachelor degree students who have financial difficulties to reach their academic purposes. The Foundation gives scholarship worth IDR 16 million per year for each student of University of Indonesia. The Foundation has been contributed to help more than thousands of university students from 15 universities in Indonesia since 1999.

“This is our second year giving scholarship to the University of Indonesia. The scheme of scholarship awarding to the University of Indonesia is much different than the previous scheme which was only covering the tuition fee”, said Itakura.

“For the University of Indonesia, we are not only covering the tuition fee but also their living costs and other supporting needs”. The scholarship awardees are as following; Enggar Teguh Apriyanto, Rofiah, Hartati, Anistya Dewi Pratiwi, and Diana Utami from the Faculty of Humanity, Fakhrul Agustriwan from the Faculty of Law, Indah Suciati and Ida Mawarni from the Faculty of Psychology, and Nur Atika and Florence Ayu from the Faculty of Public Health.