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The World of Ghibli Jakarta Exhibition: Experience the Magic of Studio Ghibli’s Filmmaking Journey

Thursday, 21 December 2017

The World of Ghibli Jakarta event supported by Marubeni, Kaninga Pictures, and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners finally managed to hold the largest Studio Ghibli’s exhibition in the world and the first in Southeast Asia started from August 10- September 17, 2017. The exhibition presented the filmmaking process of Studio Ghibli as well as the came-to-life animations on 7,200 sqm of area at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Ballroom Pacific Place, Jakarta. The exhibition attracted around 30,000 visitors and involved around 200 volunteers. The production process of 2D and 3D installations presented in the exhibition took around 6 (six) months, all designed and produced by Indonesian creative industry workers under direct supervision from Studio Ghibli Japan.

For promoting the event, the committee had taken many promotion initiatives such as through social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Marubeni also supported the promotion of the exhibition such as doing collaboration with JKT48, an idol group in Indonesia and engaged students of University of Indonesia to promote the event through Gelar Jepang UI 23 event held on August 4-6, 2017. Marubeni became a sponsor of the event and opened The World of Ghibli Jakarta booth as well as bringing JKT48 acoustic members to perform in the event singing Studio Ghibli’s film soundtracks.

In the opening of the exhibition on August 10, Marubeni invited again JKT48 acoustic members to perform. The collaboration with JKT48 also continued when some JKT48 members wore cosplay representing some famous characters of Studio Ghibli in the second month of the exhibition in order to attract the masses. Marubeni also took some corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities by inviting the street children, disabled children, and disadvantaged children to come to the exhibition from Yayasan Aulia, Yayasan KDM, and SLB Nur Abadi total amounted 100 people. Most of them firstly did not know about Studio Ghibli and we gladly to introduce Studio Ghibli to wider Indonesian societies. In the exhibition, the visitors also could buy Studio Ghibli’s official merchandise directly imported from Japan.