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Chemical Department I

Chemical Department I

The Inorganic and Specialty Chemical Department handles various chemical items, from commodity chemicals, fertilizer and its compound chemical, plastic, until Pharmaceutical and Vaccines.

Almost all of the chemicals are imported to supply Indonesian domestic industries, but we also export various Indonesian chemical products to United States, Japan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and Philippines.

The chemicals we are handling:

Industrial salt, citric acid, seafood chemicals, acrylamide, palm kernel shell, compound fertilizer, raw material for fertilizer, melamine powder and melamine molding compound, paper related chemicals, fatty acid, organic peroxide, acrylic emulsion, micro titanium dioxide for cosmetics, anti-dandruff for shampoo, salinomycin, avian flu vaccine, isocyanide, poly vinyl alcohol, catalysts, and many others. We also handle plastic related products like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, High Density Poly Ethylene, HDPP, Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene Film, Automobile parts, etc.

Since almost all industries and manufacturers use chemical products, we always coordinate and work together with the other departments within PT Marubeni Indonesia, doing our utmost to expand business for new items.

For all the above chemicals, we are still supported by Marubeni Corporation Japan, Marubeni Asia Pacific Limited, Marubeni Chemix, and other Marubeni subsidiaries.

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