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Resources and Energy Department

Resources and Energy Department

The Resources & Energy Department is divided into two divisions which are Metal and Mineral Resources Division and Energy Division.


Metal and Mineral Resources

Metal and Mineral Resources business unit plays a role in ensuring the stable supply of metal and mineral resources for Japan and other markets around the world. We continue to develop commodities into sustainable and responsible businesses.

Business Fields

  • Handle and supply resources; Thermal Coal to various countries such Japan (mainly), China, India, Vietnam, etc. and exported Pyrophyllite to Malaysia, while continuously develop for new resources (export-import), such as Metallurgical Coal, Nickel Ore, Alumina chemical grade, etc.
  • Handle and supply metal commodities; Aluminium sheet in coils for Food & Beverage Industry, Iron Powder and Metal Powder for machinery industry, Non-Ferrous Scrap, etc.

We are supported by world-class suppliers in their respective industries, for example one of the largest coal producers in Indonesia and a high-quality aluminium sheet/ coil producer in Thailand.

Some photos related to our business:

1. Line of Alumunium Coils



2. Types of Beverage Cans



3. Thermal Coal Field



4. Pyrophyllite Mine Site




Energy business unit aims to be a solution provider capable of addressing societal challenges and changing customer needs. We create a value chain through our global network.

Major products and areas:

  • Natural Gas (LNG) Business;
  • Exploration, Development and Production Oil & Gas;
  • New Energy Related Business;
  • Petroleum & LPG Trade, Distribution and Marketing Business; and
  • Nuclear Energy Business.