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Lifestyle Department

Lifestyle Department

The Lifestyle Department coordinates businesses related to a wide range of lifestyle-related consumer goods, such as apparel, footwear, household goods, home appliances. sporting goods, tires, and fitness equipment.

1. Fiber and Yarn

  • Natural Fiber

- Cotton Fiber (imported from USA, Brazil, Australia, Africa, India, Central Asia, and China)

- Rayon Fiber (imported from China and Europe)

- Wool Fiber (imported from Australia)

  • Man-made Fiber

- Polyester fiber: Imported from Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and China

                            Exported to Europe, United States, and Middle East

- Nylon fiber: Imported from Japan and Taiwan

- Acrylic fiber: Imported from Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, and Turkey

  • Yarn

From fiber, it is processed by spinning into yarn for apparel and industries.

  • 100% natural fiber and its blended such as: 100% cotton, 100% rayon, 100% wool
  • Mixed: 50% cotton + 50% rayon

                       50% cotton + 50% wool

                       50% rayon + 50% wool

Exported to: China, Hong kong, Japan, Malaysia, South America

Imported from: China, India, and Pakistan

  • 100% man-made fiber such as: 100% polyester

                                                                100% nylon

                                                                100% acrylic

                                                                or mixed: 65% acrylic + 35% polyester

                                                                                50% nylon + 50% polyester

                                                                                50% acrylic + 50% nylon

Exported to: China, Egypt, Korea, Hong Kong, United States, and Europe

Imported from: Europe, China, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia

  • Mixture of natural fiber and man-made fiber such as:

- Poly 65% + cotton 35% (tc)

- Poly 40% + cotton 60% (cvc)

- Poly 65% + rayon 35% (tr)

- Acrylic 65% + cotton 35%

- Cotton 65% + nylon 35%

- Rayon 65% + cotton 35%

Exported to: China, Korea, Hong Kong, United States, Europe, Egypt, ASEAN, Africa, and South America

Imported from: China and ASEAN


2. Fabric and Rubber

  • Woven Fabric

Exported to: South America, Europe, United States, Japan, and China

Imported from: China, Korea, Japan, ASEAN, and Europe

  • Non-woven fabric for medical purposes

Exported to: Japan

Imported from: Saudi Arabia

  • Rubber

Imported from: Thailand and Japan


3. Apparel and Footwear

  • Apparel

Exports garment to: United States and Japan

Imports garment from: China, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • Footwear

Import sport shoes from: Japan




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