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Message from Management


Marubeni has a long history in Indonesia, which is one of its traditional markets. In Indonesia,the Company's business activities began over 50 years ago. Marubeni has made unceasing efforts to build a solid business base in the Indonesia over many years.

The Company will move to expand its commercial interests in terms of trade and business investment by:

  • strengthening the four priority fields of food, resources, infrastructure, and new energy and the environment,
  • building up strong relationships with important business partners, and
  • expanding inter-regional trade between ASEAN and China, and ASEAN and India.

I, on behalf of Marubeni in Indonesia have been working to achieve three objectives. To create, develop, maintain and expand:

  • Domestic demand businesses & projects
  • Resources-related businesses & projects
  • Infrastructure businesses & projects.

We will continue to contribute to Indonesia by keeping relation with best partners in Indonesia through achieving the objectives.


Takeshi Mamiya
Chief Representative in Indonesia
President Director,
PT. Marubeni Indonesia

Board of Directors (as of April 2018):

President Director : Takeshi Mamiya
Vice President : Yorihisa Odagiri
Vice President : Masamichi Takeda
Finance Director : Akinobu Mizumoto
Risk Management Director : Shinichiro Kido
Chemical Director : Hiroaki Nishita
Forestry Product Director : Kenichi Nemoto
Marketing Director : Shinya Osa
Textile Export Director : Akihiro Yamamoto
Food Director : Koji Miyake
Machinery and Transportation Director : Motoki Toyoshima