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The History and Origins of Marubeni Indonesia

Marubeni was originally founded in Osaka in 1858 by a textile merchant, Chubei Itoh. The business grew and its activities expanded through a process of acquisition and consolidation, and then eventually it was merged into Daiken Co., Ltd. After the Second World War, Daiken Co., Ltd was broken up into four companies, and one of them became the present Marubeni Corporation, which was inaugurated in 1949.

Marubeni, together with Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Itochu, and Sumitomo, is considered as one of 'The Big Five of Sogo Sosha (trading companies)' in Japan, and plays a vital role in Japanese economy. As world trade now tends to be integrated and borderless, Marubeni is able to provide all sectors of international business with the best possible support in today's competitive trading environment, and ultimately it aims to make a steadily growing contribution to global prosperity, especially to give more contribution to Indonesia by keeping good relationship with both the business partners and the government as well.