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Marubeni Scholarship Foundation Grants Fourth Year Scholarship to University of Indonesia

Kamis, 23 October 2014

To support young’s people education and upbringing in emerging countries, Marubeni has established Marubeni Scholarship Foundation mainly in the ASEAN region, including Indonesia, established in 1999 under the name of “Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni”. The scholarship is an application of Marubeni Corporation’s corporate social responsibility (“CSR”), which shows company’s commitment to support the students who have financial difficulty but having good academic achievement as well as to strengthen its social contribution to Indonesia. University of Indonesia has become one of the company’s CSR targets by having disbursed scholarship to the university since September 2011.

This October 15, 2014, marks the fourth year of scholarship granting to University of Indonesia by Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni. Since 2012, the foundation is not only covering the tuition fee, but also covering the living cost of the scholarship recipients, and we still commit to do so in this year. The foundation intends to support and keep the spirit of the students to study and learn in order to make them finish their study on schedule. The academic achievement of the students is also being encouraged in order to increase the students’ quality of the university and the Indonesian’s young people in general. The scholarship is officially submitted by the Chairman of Advisory Board of Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni as well as the President Director of PT. Marubeni Indonesia, Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, accompanied by the Chairman of Executive Board of Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni as well as the Finance Director of PT. Marubeni Indonesia, Mr. Akinobu Mizumoto.

Marubeni Corporation has committed and strives to continue to fulfill the corporate’s responsibilities as a member of the international community by providing financial assistance for education purposes in Indonesia.