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Marubeni Scholarship Foundation Awarded at Scholarship Givers Appreciation Night Held by the University of Indonesia

Rabu, 17 December 2014

On November 7, the Chairman of Executive Board of Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni ("YBM"), Mr. Akinobu Mizumoto, who also serves as the Finance Director of PT Marubeni Indonesia, attended the Scholarship Givers Appreciation Night held by the University of Indonesia.

Also joining Mr. Mizumoto were Mr. Masashi Terada, the treasurer of YBM, and Mr. Harly Setiabudi, the secretary of YBM. Many scholarship givers attended the event, both from government, non-government, and also individuals.

Mr. Mizumoto officially received an award for Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni, which was awarded for its provision of scholarships to the university in the 5-10 years category. The university also gave each guest a ulos, a traditional hand-woven cloth made by the Batak people of North Sumatera, Indonesia, which is normally worn draped over the shoulder.

The ulos is usually used in formal events or to welcome honored guests. University of Indonesia students enlivened the event by dancing, singing, and playing musical performances.