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Regional CEO for Indonesia Mamiya and New Regional CEO for Indonesia Kasai Meet with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

Jumat, 12 March 2021














(Photo) From the left: Chairman Takeuchi of PT. Matlamat Cakera Canggih, Mr. Mamiya, Mr. Kasai, and Minister Arifin. The meeting was held with strict COVID-19 measures firmly in place.


On March 5th, Mr. Takeshi Mamiya, Regional CEO for Indonesia, and Mr. Shinji Kasai, New Regional CEO for Indonesia, paid a visit to Mr. Arifin Tasrif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, ahead of Mr. Kasai’s succession to the role of Regional CEO for Indonesia in the new fiscal year. Before Minister Arifin became Minister in October 2019, he was the Indonesian ambassador to Japan, and has built a strong relationship with Marubeni, including Mr. Fumiya Kokubu, Chairman of Marubeni and currently Chair of Japan-Indonesia Economic Committee of Keidanren.

At the meeting, Minister Arifin expressed his gratitude for Marubeni’s business activities in and contributions to Indonesia, as well as his hopes for the future. Mr. Mamiya expressed his own gratitude for Minister Arifin’s support, and Mr. Kasai said that the hopes to further deepen his ties with Indonesia moving forward.

While Indonesia is currently severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has tremendous potential growth for the future. In particular, Mr. Mamiya and Mr. Kasai explained some of Marubeni’s initiatives in the power, energy and metals industries, to which the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is intrinsically connected. The representatives of Marubeni told Minister Arifin that Marubeni will continue contributing to Indonesia through investments, participating in new businesses, and trades. Furthermore, Indonesia is making progress on the domestic use of renewable energy and LNG, and is proactively looking for investments in order to build a nickel and copper resources supply chain. At the meeting, Mr. Mamiya, Mr. Kasai, and Minister Arifin exchanged ideas and opinions regarding Marubeni’s participation in these areas.