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Food Products Department

Departemen Produk Makanan

The Food Product Department specializes in trade for Agricultural Products, Marine Products, Grain and Food Stuff and food business development. We have capable sales and execution teams to achieve customer satisfaction, in-time shipment and/or deliveries and information that customers’ need.

We are involved in export/import as well as domestic sales activities as follows:

1. Export:

  1. Coffee: Robusta & Arabica
  2. Spices: Black Pepper Whole, White Pepper Whole, Black Pepper Ground, Clove, Turmeric/ Ginger Extract
  3. Frozen Seafood: Shrimp, Unagi, Octopus, Sword Fish, Red Snapper
  4. Others: Sweet Potato, Daikon, Spinach, Kapok Seed/Oil, Fish Meal, Palm Ash;


2. Import:  

  1. Premix (Batter & Breader Mixes, Food Service Mix & Bakery Mix)
  2. Margarine Sheet
  3. US Premium Black Angus Beef
  4. Plant-Based Meat
  5. Salmon
  6. Raw Sugar, Refined Sugar
  7. Iguacu Instant Coffee
  8. Others: Soybean Meal, Corn, Soybean and Canola Oil;


3. Domestic Sales:  

  1. Frozen Liquid Egg: Frozen Whole Egg, Frozen White Egg, Frozen Liquid Egg Yolk
  2. Tea: Genmaicha, Green Tea, Black Tea, Sencha, Houjicha
  3. Unagi: Unagi Kabayaki, Unagi Shirayaki, Unagi Kizami
  4. Processed Seafood: Sushi Ebi, Ebi Shin, Ebi Maki Shin, Breaded Shrimp, etc.
  5. Rice: Japonica Rice, Premium Local Rice, Cooked/ Instant Rice in pouch
  6. Ready-to-Eat (RTE) & Ready-to-Cook (RTC) products: Customized RTE & RTC Products.


To meet internal demand in the growing emerging markets, the Department is also taking aggressive steps to develop business through initiatives with foreign and domestic partner. By always stick to our business values (product planning, continuous support on menu development, manufacture's coordination, and supply of materials), we will always be committed to provide the best products and services as well as develop joint-venture opportunities with our valued customers and business partners.

We will keep expanding and developing our sales aggressively without harming our company policy and customers’ satisfaction.